Your photographer is a mirror
Experience complete freedom, creativity and modeling potential in our modern self-portrait studio!
There is only you and a magical remote for your imagination
Our studio is equipped with professional lighting, backgrounds, speaker, fan and ironing accessories, children's area.
How it’s work?
Easy, just like lights, camera, action
Book studio online, choose time
1 time slot - half an hour or 1 hour. You can book multiple slots at the same time. The studio is open daily from 10:00 to 18:00. Please, contact us if you need a specific time slot
Embodying your ideas or exploring yourself
You get your pictures
It’s up to you to catch the best moment and angles and press the button when you like the reflection. Whether you're striking a pose, dancing with exploring a range of emotions, our studio is your sanctuary.
We send all the photos that you have shot through the cloud within 24 hours you can choose the best photos yourself, as well as scan as you see fit.
Price list
Maximum number of people for 1 time slot - 6
Standard session 1h - 60€
  • Individual or group photoshoots
  • Photoshoots with kids
  • As a phototherapy
  • Lookbook for fashion brands
  • Pregnancy
  • Celebrations, meeting with friends
  • Couples
Pefect for:
Mini session 30 mins - 40€
  • Specific task
  • Profile picture
  • Portfolio content
Pefect for:
*For 1h Standard session next 30 min - 30€
1.5 hour session - 90€
  • CV
  • Reels
  • Video about yourself
  • Social media content
Pefect for:
How many pictures will I get?
You will receive all the photos you take at the shoot. You choose the best shots. You can take 1 photo, you can take 100, you can take 500… You decide to shoot fast or slow and thoughtfully as you feel comfortable.
I can't pose. What do I do?
You can just give yourself to the process, in the studio you will see yourself in the mirror, the photo will turn out the same as the reflection in it. You can find comfortable poses and correct nuances to get the desired result, or you can shoot many variants and then choose the most successful one from them.

Another way that professional photographers use is to find and prepare examples of poses in advance and save the references in your phone.
How many people can participate in the shooting?
Up to 4 adults can be comfortably photographed in the studio at the same time.
Can I give the studio shoot as a gift?
You can purchase a paper or electronic gift card — a certificate for a shoot. The certificate is valid for 6 months.
Why take a photo of yourself?
Here are the reasons given by other people
1. To spend quality time alone with yourself.
2. To loosen up, maybe even do a nude session.
3. find a way to relax and immerse yourself.
4. Learn the skill of visual understanding and awareness of your own appearance.
5. To try out activities that previously caused embarrassment or shyness.
6. To see yourself from a new, more objective perspective, similar to how others see you.
7. To face your fears boldly, and perhaps even overcome them.
8. Experience unique experiences that will help expand your facets of self-understanding.
9. Become familiar with the deeper aspects of your personality.
10. Overcome your fear of the camera and photography.
11. Manifest their individuality through the art of photography.
12. Realize your creative ideas visually.
13. To learn to express your emotions and feelings through photos.
Can I order artistic photo processing?
We are glad that natural photos without distortion of reality are becoming more and more fashionable in the world. This is a big step in art towards love and acceptance of self and others. That is why we use minimal stylistic processing of photos, without retouching.

Upon individual request, our specialists can make artistic retouching of your selected photos according to the specifications, samples and rates agreed with you.
Can I bring my pets to the photo session?
Yes, you are welcome to bring your pet. You must take care not to disturb the cleanliness and order.
How to prepare for the shoot?
There is a bluetooth speaker in the studio, prepare a playlist with your favorite music, maybe dance music, maybe calm and relaxing. This will set the atmosphere and help you find your state.
Further go from your goals and desires.If you want to experiment, then prepare clothes for different images in the photo zone we have a clothes rack and chairs of different heights, for support and help in posing.
There is a fan for dynamics and flying hair. Make a selection of photos for inspiration and references.
Or you can no longer prepare in any way and just be yourself at the photo shoot.
How to reschedule/cancel a shoot?
You can cancel or reschedule your shoot up to 24 hours in advance. You can do it yourself using the link from the email or just contact us
can i come with a child?
Yes, you can come with your child. We have a children's room
do you work with the business segment
Yes, we work with other businesses. For example, if you need a studio for regular filming or other activities, we can offer you individual conditions. To find out more, call or write to us on Instagram Direct
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